Moxie the Dog


Moxie is a two-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, and not like any other dog.  She can run so fast that she can blur, dig faster and deeper than any other dog and even smell rainbows.

For her first birthday, she was given a magical collar that was given to her grandmother by an ancient King.

When she follows the instructions, there is a bright flash of light and Moxie and her B.C.F (best chicken forever) dig to far off lands and have wonderful adventures.

The stories are fun, secretly educational and sure to keep both parents and children entertained.

The real Moxie is a Therapy Dog with St John Ambulance and visits her friends at The Bradgate Arms weekly.

She is also certified “Child Friendly” and is spending time down at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto making kids smile with cuddles and magical kisses.

Children can follow Moxie’s adventures by visiting her Facebook page or by following her on Twitter.  All content has been deemed both dog- and child-friendly by Moxie herself.

We look forward to sharing our stories and adventures with you and your children.

Happy reading,

Carolyn and Moxie


The Children’s Book Series about the Adventures of Moxie and Chicken 

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